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The lawyer is a professional and independent lawyer. It is subject to the law on the profession of lawyer, as well as to the practices and customs of the Bar of the Principality of Monaco, which lay down all professional rules and guarantee in particular professional secrecy. No one may be a lawyer unless he holds a master’s degree in law and has passed the examination for admission to the Bar of Monaco. Lawyers Defenders, Lawyers and Articling Students are subject to the same professional and disciplinary rules.

In addition to his role as agent in judicial or administrative proceedings, the lawyer adds an activity that makes him or her advise the individual as well as commercial companies, of the important enterprise as of the artisan or the worker. The discipline of the members of the Order belongs first of all to the Council of the Order, which is chaired by the President of the Bar, to which any person may address himself.

Defence lawyers, lawyers and articling students form the Association of Defence Lawyers and Lawyers at the Court of Appeal, which has civil personality. The Order is administered by a Council, composed of a president (currently Bernard BENSA), a trustee-rapporteur (Thomas GIACCARDI) and a secretary-treasurer (Christophe BALLERIO); this Council is elected by the lawyers-advocates and lawyers, with terms of one year and the term of the president being renewable once.

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From left to right: Maître Christophe Ballerio, Maître Thomas GIACCARDI et Maïtre Bernard BENSA ©DR

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